Sunday, March 22, 2015

The End? No!

Today I made my last school visit at the end of a busy week. You would think that with all the school visits I would have a bit of time to relax, but find myself rushing around more than ever trying to tidy up all the loose ends before I leave Palpa on Wednesday morning!

The week started with my final training day in Tansen. This was very different from the training given in the past, when teachers are invited in and we discuss different aspects of teaching and how to improve. This time we looked at sustainability for the community, in particular at tourism. For this we invited not only a representative from the school, but also from the village committee and the woman's group in each village. The day went really well and many of the villages are keen to welcome tourists to diversify their local economies and bring some extra income to the village. Hopefully by the time the next Manisha UK volunteers come some villages will have been able to take concrete action and even start welcoming some visitors. From my own visits to each village I can say without hesitation that anyone who does visit will have a unique, authentic and unforgettable experience!

The day after training I visited our school at Kolkal. This is our smallest school and also only school that we don't yet have an UK twin for. They have some good teachers who really work hard to make the most of the meager resources they have, so it's an absolute pleasure to be able to take them some more. In the end I spent as much of the day playing with balloons as I did teaching, but the children were having a great time. I did also spend some time in each class, doing jigsaws with nursery and using the mini-white boards with class 2. 

The next day I was due to visit Bhalebas, but went down with a virus and had to return to base in Tansen. However, after a couple of days on antibiotics I am back in action and was able to make a shortened visit today. Time was very limited so after making more animal leaflets with class six and some fun with nursery it was time to say an emotional goodbye and return to Tansen. 

Now I have a couple of days to finish off all the little jobs that need doing before I leave, which seems to be a lot! Although my visits are over I'll return to write one more blog post once I'm back in England. It's been an incredible journey and I can't quite accept it's almost over!

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