Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Two's company

After arriving back from my last race in East Nepal, I was only in Tansen for a couple of nights before getting back on the bus to Kathmandu. This time I was heading there to meet Barbara, a Manisha UK trustee and annual visitor to Nepal.  

While in Kathmandu I renewed my visa for another 5 months. In the past this has been a painful process, spending 3 hours or more in the immigration department, using online forms that don't work properly and being left waiting for hours at a time. The layout and system has changed since my last visit, and credit where it is due, it is very much improved. I was in and out in under an hour, with no problems or hassle. 

Unfortunately, the banks haven't managed the same level of efficiency and we're still struggling to transfer funds from the UK to allow work to continue of the Learning Resource Centre. 

With Barbara here, we've started a round of school visits, racing the clock to visit them all before exams start in the middle of the month. A challenge not helped by a 'banda' or strike in government schools today! 

First was the short trip to Devwani School in Tansen. I visited not so long ago and wrote here about the improvements they had made. Barbara seemed equally impressed and it's great to see the school making such progress. Once the Learning Resource Centre is open, they are a in a great position to really benefit and go from strength to strength. 

Playing "Human Calculator"
Next was another fairly short trip to Jandeep. Barbara spent time in the nursery class and the library singing songs and doing jigsaw puzzles. Thanks to funding from Jandeep's UK twin school, I was able to take a computer hard drive with movies that students are expected to review during their exams, but which none of them have seen! The school is fortunate to have a large screen, so class 10 will be able to see the film before they review it in their exams this month. 

Plenty more school visits are planned, but of course, it all depends on schools being open! Hopefully, they'll be back to business as usual tomorrow! 

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