Sunday, June 23, 2019

We're Open!

The Learning Resource Centre is finally open! 

We were opened yesterday by the mayor of Tansen. We didn't go in for the type of big program often favoured in Nepal, with great expense made over snacks and endless long speeches. We had a simple ribbon cutting attended by some teachers and a few other interested people, a short presentation about the centre then remained open for the rest of the day, so people could see the library and I could show them the computers and other facilities. 

We've opened just as the schools start the first of four rounds of exams that students take each year, which means we can't offer lots of programs this week as students can't miss school and parents won't give permission for many activities that cut into study time even after school. However, we have a few things planned and we'll be open in the evenings so students can come and revise. 

It's not always been an easy journey to get to opening. We've had numerous delays and set backs, had to deal with all sorts of practical issues with the building, made numerous long bus journeys and my IT skills are still be stretched to their absolute limit! It's not been helped by several doses of heavy cold/flu over the last few weeks either. I'd grateful to everyone who has given their support and encouragement over these last few months and especially to The Steve Sinnott Foundation and Manisha UK for their patience and willingness to let me get on with the job in the way I see fit. As one task comes to an end (well, almost an end, we've still got a few jobs pending to really complete the set up!) the new task running the LRC starts, which will no doubt also bring plenty of challenges! I'm really looking forward to getting back to working with students regularly again and I'm highly optimistic that the centre is going to make a real difference to the area. 

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