Tuesday, December 18, 2018

It's Happening!

The signatures are on the lease agreement and the ink is dry, we have now officially secured a site for the Steve Sinnott Learning Resource Centre in Tansen! 

We can now start work properly on getting the building to open the LRC as soon as possible in early 2019. A truly exciting time to be here, apart from the prospect of having to clean the toilets....

Of course, getting the LRC ready needs funding, and a secure, legal way to transfer funds from the UK to Nepal. We've had some issues with the bank we were using in Tansen, Saran, Sagar and I took a trip to Kathmandu to open a bank account that could offer a more complete and professional service. As is so often is the case here, things didn't run exactly to plan and we were unable to get the new account open there and then, although it should happen before Christmas. We did, however, manage to register Manisha Nepal Palpa (Manisha UK's sister charity in Nepal) with the Social Welfare Council. This gives us some of the documents required for opening a more appropriate type of bank account, for visa applications and for obtaining any tax exemptions and help we are entitled to.

We've launched a website for our Learning Resource at www.tansen-lrc.org
There isn't a lot of content right now, but check back regularly and as we progress further you'll see more and more of what we are doing there.

Now it's time to start cleaning and face those toilets....... (it's not all glamour being a volunteer in Nepal!)

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